Main Street Challis is a step back in time from the hustle-bustle of the world.  Back In The Day, Challis Main Street was THE major thoroughfare between the rich mines in The Land Of Yankee Fork.  The alignment of US Highway 93 was placed just outside of the Challis Main Street Historic District, thereby forever preserving this history-laden slice of Americana.
Old Sawmill Station is part of the Clayton Area but you could probably call Challis our Home Town, too.  It's our Custer County Seat and where many of The Hurless Family went to high school.  Challis is a wonderful community with so much to say about it.  We don't even know where to begin.  We Love Challis and we know you will, too.

The Challis Chamber of Commerce does a fabulous job describing and promoting all of the many aspects of the community.  Here is there website:

A few years ago, various  Challis leaders worked together to have produce a really top notch video about Custer County.  It's truly beautiful and never grows old.  Yes, it's a long video but it will tell you and show you more about this place we love than any of our words ever could.
Here's the link to the 9:43 video:

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