Friday, September 8, 2017

What's Up with Old Sawmill?

The Shriners Came to Old Sawmill Sunday!
Click the link to see some photos from the event.

Come on by Old Sawmill Sunday for Good Friends, Good Food, Good Fun and a Great Cause!

Have your tried our Bodacious Breakfast Burrito?
Mike Hurless rolls up righteous breakfast burritos every morning. 
Mike gets things rolling right around 6:30 AM so come on by.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

About this blog

Lisa is enjoying working on this blog & website!
Greetings and Thanks for visiting Old Sawmill Station's blog.  We created this blog to be a companion and work in tandem with our website.  We wanted to include more Area Info but didn't want to clutter up the website.  This blog works perfectly to help us showcase the awesome and amazing area that can become your Adventure Base Camp (ABC).  So, to put it another way, the blog can help you learn the ABC's of your ABC!

All of the ABC's of Area Info is contained on dynamic blog pages linked by the keywords above.  For example, if you click on the world "Stanley" above, you will be taken to a blog page totally dedicated to Stanley.  Over time we will be adding additional photos, links and information to each of the 10 pages listed above.  Information specifically about Old Sawmill will appear on the Old Sawmill page above.

By creating a blog, we have also helped The Old Sawmill Station Staff have a tool they can easily use without having to know website coding and all of the related technical details that  make web maintenance so time consuming and challenging.

In addition, we are so very Proud of our Founding Father, Clayton Hurless, that we also wanted a special place to forever display his obituary.  We know you will enjoy reading about Clayton's Life in the blog post below.

Thank You for reading.  Happy Trails Always and All Ways!

Sincerely, Deanie, Lisa, Dana and Mike Hurless.